Automatic Weight Calculation Based Associative Classifier

Sapan H Mankad, Swati Gupta


We propose a new technique for calculation of weights in weighted associative classification by introducing the concept of Value Frequency (VF) and Inverse Class Frequency (ICF) in classification of relational database. This concept also provides the mechanism for automatic calculation of weights of each item in the relational database for predictions. The VF-ICF is inspired from the famous TF-IDF concept used for document representation in Information Retrieval. It is based on the principle of assigning more importance to a value which is rare in other classes but frequent in a particular class. An initial experiment was carried out to test the proposed approach on Social Workers Dataset and results show that there is a huge scope for improvement.


Associative Classification, Weighted Associative Classifier, Value Frequency (VF), Inverse Class Frequency (ICF)

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