Context Aware College Campus

Neeraj Garg


Information about location awareness, if timely given to a person, is the actual need of the hour in today’s world. Everybody wants to be flooded with the latest information (like Mails, Current activity status, Work profile challenges, Social status in the market or Daily routine activities) through wireless interfaces in today’s our mobile computing devices (Note-Pads, PDAs, I-Pods, Smartphones, Sensing Cameras, Smart household machinery) etc. Information retrieval has played a major role in technology expansion among college goers means students community. We want to use the same environment for a college campus where everybody in college campus will be called tech-savvy (students, Teachers, and many others), because of proposed application infrastructure. Today people use sensing cum computing devices and different position technologies to know latest and current information to accuracy at their disposal. We had made our own framework College Campus Context Services, (CCCS)  to deal with different uncertainties (information share) in College environment by using ubiquitous technologies to share information among students in the college.


Bayesian Networks. Context. Adaptation. College campus. Teacher. Fuzzy. etc.


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