A Review on Congestion Control Mechanisms in Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Preeti Kumari, Pankaj Gupta, Sandeep Tayal, monika Goyal


Nowadays, now not only cellular phones, but also laptops and PDAs are used by human beings of their expert and personal lives. This allows e.g. Participants at an assembly to percentage files, presentations and other useful facts.  TCP congestion control works very well on the Internet. But cellular advert-hoc networks exhibit a few specific residences that significantly have an effect on the design of appropriate protocols and protocol stacks in trendy. As it became out, the massively differing surroundings in a cellular ad-hoc community is distinctly elaborate for trendy TCP. Severe throughput degradation and massive fairness issues are a number of the diagnosed congestion related issues. This paper is about diverse congestion manipulate mechanisms in Mobile Ad hoc networks.


Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks, Wireless Multihop Networks, Congestion Control, TCP, Survey

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