Performance Analysis of Black Hole attack in VANET: Review Paper

Pooja Dahiya, Radhika Garg, Pankaj Gupta, Nipin Gupta, Monika Goyal


As we know security is one of biggest challenges in implementing VANET and MANET due to dynamic topology and many other reasons. There are possibilities of active and passive attack in network to alter the authentic data or to steal the data. There are various types of passive attacks which are very dangerous for effective communication. Black hole attack in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network is major problem related with the field of computer networking. In this paper we present the performance analysis of the black hole attack in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network. We elaborate the different types of attacks and their depth in ad hoc network. The performance metric is taken for the evaluation of attack which depends on a packet end to end delay, network throughput and network load. In our base work black hole attack used in network communication using AODV protocol. As we know there are many issues in VANET and specially security issues. Therefore in our research work we proposed a new protocol which has superior result as compared to base work in term of network parameters. Besides this a security algorithm also implemented so that unauthorized person cannot access the authentic.


Black HoleAttack, Network, Secure, End to End Delay, Adhoc, Protocol, VANET, Packet

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