The Effect of websites’ Color on Emotion and Oline Purchase Intention

hanen nefzi, najeh Daly chaker


Using an experiential framework, this paper examines how colors of a commercial website help consumers to buy online. To that end, the authors use the Stimulus-Organism-Response (S-O-R) model as the model which considers emotion as an internal mechanism within the purchasing process. A survey was conducted to collect data from 256 web users in a classroom context. Participants visited one of the 2 versions of a website selling hardware materials (laptops, desktop…). Measurement was processed using SPSS19 (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences) software and the statistical methods used to treat all data were factor analysis, analysis of variance and linear regression. The results we obtained show that the blue color promotes purchase intention, but the red color has a stimulating effect on the consumer. However, the color of websites influences indirectly the intention of the user through the state of pleasure and domination aroused in the consumer.  As Practical implications, web designers should use blue color as a dominant web site interface color to reduce purchase postponement risk and encourage web users to buy online. The study was an attempt to examine the role of emotion in explaining the relationship between web site colors and resulting consumer responses.


web sites color; cold colors; warm colors; emotion; purchase intention


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