Parents’ Perception towards Effect of Advertisement on Children: An Observation with Unique Reference to Eatable Products

Vivek Jangid, Sachin Kumar


The empire of advertisement is significantly gaining momentum day-by-day. It is targeting every section of the society whether or not it's far youngsters, elders or even children. Kids are in general more susceptible or get easy to convince and are much less capable to recognize the purpose behind this campaign of marketing. Therefore, in the present study, dialogue has been made with the parents of different background for knowledge their perception closer to advantageous as well as poor outcomes of advertisement on their children. Response of two hundred respondents on twenty statements (ten each for positive and terrible consequences) has been gathered via well structured questionnaire/schedule on random basis from north India. Mean, standard deviation, frequency distribution, t-test and ANOVA have been applied to analyze the statistics. Some sort of association has been found in the perception of the parents for some of the statements under consideration. They even look somewhat agreed for the positive as well as negative effect of advertisement on the children.


Advertisement, children, perception, questionnaire/schedule etc.

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