Use of Active Rules and Genetic Algorithm to Generate the Automatic Time-Table

Bharkha Narang


This document proposes an optimized technique
to automate time table generation system. Time table
generation system involves various challenging constraints
of resources including faculties, rooms, time slots etc. The
proposed technique filters out the best of active rules and
Genetic algorithm to generate the optimized solution.
Genetic Algorithm and Active Rules together form a
complete sphere for developing a system, which needs to
satisfy various constraints.
Active Rules provide “event-condition-action” model for
the implementation of any rule based system. In genetic
algorithm every individual are characterized by a fitness
function. After analysis if there is higher fitness then it
means better solution and then after based on their fitness,
parents are selected to reproduce offspring for a new
generation where fitter individuals have more chance to
reproduce. The objective of the work is to create a model
used to generate the acceptable schedule using probabilistic


Active Rules, Rule-Based agents, Genetic Algorithm, fitness function, Timetable Generator

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