Design and Implementation of an Efficient Modified Booth Multiplier using VHDL

Kavita Saharan


This paper presents an efficient design of Modified
Booth Multiplier and then also implements it. The Modified
Booth Recoding method is widely used to generate the
partial products for implementation of large parallel
multipliers, which adopts the parallel encoding scheme. In
this paper the software design of the Modified Booth
Multiplier is explained with the help of flow chart. The
simulation is done using Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.2 tool and
ModelSim tool and the results obtained are shown both for 4
bit and 8 bit multiplication. The implementation of this
multiplier is done using VHDL on Spartan 3E kit and the
hardware results are also shown.


Multiplication; Xilinx; Modified Booth; ModelSim

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