Identification and Iterative Learning Control of Piezoelectric Actuator Based Nanopositioning System

Sheilza Jain


This paper presents the identification of
piezoelectric actuated nanopositioning system. The open loop
characteristics of the system are analyzed on the basis of
time and frequency response and depicts that the open loop
characteristics of the system are not satisfactory and require
some control technique to improve system characteristics.
Through the years, several control techniques have been
studied to improve the performance of the system. The
desired system should have short settling time and must have
the ability to reject all disturbances. To achieve these
objectives, the present paper design Iterative Learning
Control (ILC) for the nanopositioning system to reject
disturbance which are periodic in nature. System
performances for the desired parameters using ILC are
investigated and analyzed. The whole work of simulation
and implementation of the ILC is done by using


Nanotechnology, Nanopositioner, Piezoelectric actuator, LVDT, Iterative Learning Control

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