Vibration Control of Bus Suspension System using PI and PID Controller

Swati Gaur


This paper presents the application of PI and PID
controller to control the vibration occurred in the bus suspension
system. When the suspension system is designed, a ¼ model of
bus is used to simplify the problem to a one dimensional massspring-
damper system. Its open-loop performance on the basis of
time response is observed which depicts that the bus suspension
has oscillations with large settling time. To overcome this
problem, closed-loop system is used. Despite continuous
advancement in control theory, Proportional –Integral (PI) and
Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Controllers are the
popular technique to control any process. In this paper,
Proportional-Integral (PI) and Proportional-Integral-Derivative
(PID) controllers are used to control the vibrations to give
smooth response of the bus suspension system and carry-out their comparison on the basis of time and frequency using Matlab environment. The simulation and implementation of the
controller is done using MATLAB/SIMULINK.


Bus suspension system, dynamic modeling, Proportional-Integral controller and Proportional-Integral- Derivative controller.

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