OSM 1.0 - Obstacle Surmounting Mechanism for Mobile Robotic Platform

Riyaz Rafique Rafique


Improvement of robotics and or robotic movement is a continuing pursuit. The robotic platform should be able to move between areas of interest quickly and safely but there movement is restricted due to unstructured surfaces such as stairs and hurdles which are higher than the radius of the wheels. In this paper a novel Obstacle surmounting mechanism is designed for high performance locomotion over various terrains for mobile robotic platform. Initially, here we have incorporated the proposed mechanism in two wheeled robot with a trailing link. Proposed mechanism for surmounting obstacles utilizes four bar mechanism with such dimensional relations and arrangements that it enables mobile robotic platform for encountering hurdles which are higher than the diameter of the wheel. The actual approach is to encounter the hurdles through single degree of freedom obstacle surmounting mechanism and placing the wheels over the hurdle smoothly. Each wheel is powered by independent motors.

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