Characterization of Sub-Bituminous Coal Particles and Surface Structure Correlation Study using BET and SEM

Kingsley Okechukwu Ikebudu



This study characterizes the coal particles and studied surface structure of the particles using BET and SEM. Study of the particles surface structure aided in suggestions to improve overall handling of coal. BET test result classified Sub-bituminous and bituminous coal to the class of nanometer: mesoporous material ranges from 2 to 49.999. The coals were ground dry with a milling machine into powder form and characterized by sieving into seven standard sieve sizes of 75mm, 150mm, 212mm, 300mm, 425mm, 600mm and 850mm with Octagon 2000 sieve shaker. The sieved coal powders were used for BET and SEM experiment respectively. The outcome of this study showed the adsorptive nature of the coal particles.  

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