An Improved Approach for Wormhole Attack Detection in MANET

Meena Deswal, Tajender Malik


Advancement in wireless technologies and improved use of
wireless devices demand more and more infrastructure-less networks like
Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANET). MANETs are becoming common,
since they can be deployed easily in a cost effective manner wherever
needed. The high usage of MANET demands more security and
confidentiality of the data communicated through MANET. These
networks are inherently vulnerable to various attacks due to the absence of
concealed channel. Wormhole attack is a great threat to MANET, as it is
capable of launching several other types of attacks like black-hole attack,
gray-hole attack, sink-hole attack, DDoS, etc. A strategically placed
wormhole node can disrupt the entire communication in the network [1].
In this paper, wormhole attack launched by exploiting AODV protocol in
MANET, is detected and eliminated in two phases. The preliminary phase
in the process of identifying wormhole attack is done, based on timing
analysis and hop count. After suspecting the attack, a Clustering-based
approach is used to confirm the presence of attack, and also to identify the
attacker nodes. The entire network is divided into different clusters and
each cluster will have a Cluster Head, which controls all the nodes in the
cluster and plays the role of a controlling authority in MANET.

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