Optimization of Process Parameters for Friction Stir Welding AA7075/10%wt.SiC Fabricated Composite

Dhairya Pratap Singh, Sudhir Kumar, Vikram Singh


Objective of this investigation are fabrication of AA7075-10%wt.SiC Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite and determine the optimal process parameters of Friction Stir Welded AA7075-10%wt.SiC Composites.
Composites were prepared by the mechanical stir
casting process. Experiments were performed with four
process parameters such as tool rotational speed, weld
speed, axial force and tool geometry considering three
levels of each. The quality characteristics considered are
tensile strength (T.S).The Welding experiments were
conducted using L 27 orthogonal array. A combination of
orthogonal array and design of experiments was used to
give best possible welding parameters that give optimal
Tensile strength of joints were evaluated. The fabricated
welded joints using rotational speed of 1500rpm, welding
speed (1.3mm/sec), axial force(7k/n) of and tool
geometry(Square) gives best possible results.
Experimental result reveals that the tool rotation speed,
welding speed and axial force are the significant process
parameters affecting the welding performance. The
predicted optimal value of tensile strength is 307.48
MPa.The confirmation tests also have been done for
verifying the results. The impact of responses were also
be investigated by Scanning Electron Microscopic (SEM)


Tensile Strength (T.S). Rotational Speed, Traverse Speed, Axial force, Tool geometry.

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