Survey of Vertical Handoff Decision Criteria in LTE Cellular Networks

Chanchal ., Amardeep Malik, Dr. Deepak Goyal, Dr Pankaj Gupta, Monika Goyal


Vertical handover advantage brilliant importance because of the upgrades in mobility fashions by way of the Fourth era (4G) technology. A handover desire scheme in LTE networks both based totally on unmarried or multiple criteria. The wide variety of standards is right away depending on the overall handover time. In addition, the time required for deciding on a target network at some point of handover is also extended with the growth in a number of parameters. Conventional handover choice Strategies are specifically based at the unmarried parameter. But, with the advent of heterogeneous Wi-Fi networks, the overall performance of those unmarried parameter choice schemes is highly decreased. Consequently, researchers introduce multirequirements handover selection schemes. those enhancements are restricted to specific situations and for this reason do now not offer help for mounted mobility. Further, numerous schemes are proposed.


Vertical Handoff, LTE Networks

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