Performance Evaluation of 802.15.3a UWB Channel Model with Antipodal, Orthogonal and DPSK Modulation Scheme

Sachin Taran, Dhiraj Nitnaware


In this paper for performance evaluation of IEEE 802.15.3a channel model the parameter which was selected is average bit error rate (ABER).  We find out the BER performance of UWB system over the 802.15.3a indoor channel model for all channels profile CM1, CM2, CM3 and CM4 with different modulation scheme. In this paper all modulation scheme used in UWB are included in different main categories. The major categories are synchronous and asynchronous. In synchronous we again divided different modulation scheme e.g. BPSK, PPM, PAM etc into antipodal and orthogonal schemes. In the asynchronous category we have studied about DPSK. These all modulation categories are comparing on the common platform and finally we got antipodal modulation scheme category is good for UWB in term of ABER.


Log normal fading, Wilkinson’s Method, 802.15.3a channel model, Antipodal signalling, and orthogonal signalling

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