Performance Analysis of Black Hole Attack in VANET

Kirti Kaushik, Sandeep Tayal


Vehicular Ad-hoc Network systems (VANETs) are a particular type of the Mobile Ad-hoc Networks systems (MANETs) to provide communications among nearby vehicles. VANET is mostly planned to make available safety related information by warning drivers about road conditions, accidents and traffic management by helping drivers to discover the best available path to their destination. A number of distinctive properties make VANETs vulnerable for attackers to exploit and to decrease the normal performance of the networks. Black hole attack in Vehicular Ad Hoc Network is the most severe problem associated with the field of computer networking where the black node absorbs all the data packets in the network. In Black hole attack, a malevolent node utilizes its routing protocol in order to announce itself for having the direct path to the destination node. The main target of the paper is to measure the impact of Black hole attack on the VANET’s AODV routing protocol. Measurements of several parameters with inclusive analysis and comparisons are presented.

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