Designing and Analysis of Circular Ring Microstrip Patch antenna using DGS

Geeta Malik, Parveen Rathi, monika Goyal, Deepak Goyal, Pankaj Gupta


In this paper we have developed a new study concerning the miniaturization of microstrip patch antenna by using defected ground structure DGS resonating at 3.25 GHz. The goal from this work was to shift the resonance frequency from 10 GHz to 3.25 GHz. A miniature microstrip patch antenna has been developed, analyzed and validated for S-Band applications. The aspects of single band microstrip antenna have been studied.  In this thesis, a typical miniature microstrip patch antenna with DGS forming a simple and efficient technique of design has been introduced for the betterment of bandwidth and impedance matching, also, giving the same performance at the desired resonant frequency.


Circular Ring, Single band, HFSS, DGS, Patch, Ground, Dielectric Substrate, Return Loss, S-Parameter, VSWR, Smith Chart


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