Neighborhood based scheme for Sybil Node Identification in VANET

Heena Kumari, Sugandha Goyal, monika goyal, Deepak Goyal, Pankaj Gupta


Sybil attack can counterfeit traffic scenario by sending false messages with multiple identities, which often causes traffic jams and even leads to vehicular accidents in vehicular ad hoc network (VANET). It is very difficult to be defended and detected, especially when it is launched by some conspired attackers using their legitimate identities.In a Sybil attack a malicious node can produce and manipulation a colossal number of logical individualities on a solitary physical device. This gives the illusion to the web as if it were disparate legitimate nodes. A malicious device’s supplementary individualities are recognized as Sybil nodes. This counseled work presents an algorithm to notice Sybil nodes possessing fabricated individualities in a vehicular ad hoc network we have worked on neighboring nodes information based method to isolate the Sybil nodes.


Vehicular Ad hoc networks, VANET, Security, Sybil Node Identification. Neighborhood based.


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