Enhancing Security in Internet of Things: A Research

Ishu Kumari, Vinit Lohan, Pankaj Gupta, Deepak Goyal, Monika Goyal


Compared with the traditional information networks, IoT has three new goals, i.e., more extensive interconnection, more intensive information perception, and more comprehensive intelligent service. IoT extends the interconnection among the information equipment’s, such as computer and mobile phone, to the interconnection of all intelligent or non-intelligent physical objects.In this Dissertation we have compared and introduced standard based security architecture of the IoT (ECSM). ECSM integrated and modified some internal files in ns-2.35. The authentication is performed during a fully authenticated ECSM handshake and based on exchange certificates containing hash function which we have implemented in ns-2.35. Our extensive evaluation is based on network simulation tool in WSN. Our proposed architecture provides message registration, confidentiality & authenticity generating a valid certificate for a valid session key with their identity.


ECMS, Internet of Things, Security, Privacy, HMAC, Authentication, Encryption


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