Review paper on Trust-Based Scheme for Secure and Quality of Service Routing in MANETs

Arushi Kumari, Kavita Verma, Pankaj Gupta, monika Goyal


The advent of mobile ad hoc (MANET) network had spurred in a new era of communication where users (nodes) communicate with each other via a self configuring infrastructure less network of mobile devices connected by wireless links. The security is very vital aspect for implementing MANETs in adverse environment.  Compared to wired networks, MANETS are more vulnerable to security attacks due to lack of a trusted centralized authority and easy eavesdropping. MANET is a self configuring network. Due to dynamic nature of MANET it is very challenging work to employ a secure route. Wireless medium as medium for communication and lack of centralized control renders MANETs a favorable victim of hackers and intruders. Other features like change in the topology due to node’s movements, battery depletion at nodes and coverage hampering due to obstacles in random terrains etc. adds to miseries of Ad hoc networks. Various techniques based on cryptography, hash functions and trust etc have been developed.


Routing Protocol, Wireless Sensor Network, Trust, Quality of Service, MANET, Security


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