An implementation of this-sensitive points-to analysis technique for finding the program slice in concurrent programs

Vinay Arora, Rajesh Bhatia, Maninder Singh


Analysis of a computer program include the techniques viz. program slicing and points-to analysis, where the points-to analysis can be categorized further into a) flow-sensitive b) field sensitive and c) context-sensitive. To perform the context-sensitive analysis, sensitivity based approaches are viz. object-sensitive, and this-sensitive. To date, there has not been any adequate model to apply this-sensitive points-to analysis with program slicing of the concurrent programs. In this work, the concept of this-sensitive points-to analysis has been applied for performing the program slicing of the concurrent programs. As compared to the object-sensitive technique, the usage of this-sensitive points-to analysis has resulted in the reduced size of the final slice obtained after applying the slicing algorithm. Reduced slice size will result in the less number of program statements to be considered for debugging or testing the program. A simple experiment supporting the claim is presented.


program analysis, this-sensitive, pointer analysis, points-to set, program slicing, concurrency

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