A New Algorithm to Improve LEACH Protocol through Best Choice for Cluster-Head

Mishall Hammed Awaad, Ali Fadel Marhoon, Wid Alaa Jebbar


LEACH protocol is one of the widely used protocols in wireless sensor networks (WSN), in which a reduction of energy consumption is the main task. This protocol was encountered several problems such as, the node did not choose the best cluster head (Even if the cluster head closer to that node), which may be far from the Base Station, which was leaded to consume more energy, and hence network lifetime will be short. In the present work, an improvement was added to the original LEACH protocol by making the node associated with the appropriate CH that may not be the closest to it. This improvement was accomplished by calculating the distance between the node and the BS (distance1) and that between the CH and BS (distance2), if (distance2) < (0.5*distance1), it was meant that the current CH is the best. The improved LEACH protocol was simulated using Matlab software. The simulation results were show that the improved protocol was given better performance than the original one in the following aspects:


1-     Increasing the number of rounds.

2-     Delayed the first node dies.

3-     Deceleration in the total nodes death.

4-     Balance in the energies of the nodes.

5-     Extended the overall network lifetime.


energy consumption; wireless sensor network; CH; routing; network lifetime; LEACH; improved LEACH; dead node

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