Automated Fault Tolerant Framework for Alchemi Desktop Grid Middleware

Rajesh Kumar, Dr Surender Jangra


A Fault Specific Automated Fault tolerant software system represent an Effective, Generalized solution in Resource Availability in the computational grid. In this Paper, We Revisit widely cited Fault Tolerance in computational grid. We have studied fault tolerated systems in domain of computational Grid. During this time we observed that there is lack of automated fault tolerated software system in domain of computational Grid. Crash and fault are very harmful in running computational grid. Alchemi middle ware is an open source Software structure that allow for painlessly collection of computing power of networked machinery into a virtual supercomputer. We have studied automated system in this area over last ten years. We repeatedly observed that, while Termination and Errors create trouble for aggregation of computing power. This difficulty is not specified in Computational grid. Our Refinements permit us to construct Automated Control system in Alchemi computational grid. In response to this, This Research Paper work leads to Automated Framework requisite for track normal and defective Process in Alchemi Desktop grid middleware.  Execution Faults are directly concerned with Available computing Power. Our refinements allow us to Design & Develop Automatic Software System for Direct Control on the Execution Processes. Proposed Automated framework is encouraging for manage and correct executer faults in Alchemi desktop grid middleware. Framework has ability to test imperfect resource and proficient to take control on execution machine .Framework is supportive to preserve level of obtainable computational power in Alchemi Desktop Middleware.

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