TCP Vegas rerouting detection and improving Performance

Shubhada P. Deshmukh


In this paper we focus on TCP Vegas weakness. TCP Vegas uses an estimate of the propagation delay. The RTT time gets overestimated due to rerouting. Rerouting can change the propagation delay which detects congestion due to which it degrades the performance.

Our Algorithm, TCP VegasRB is to use the rerouting delay for estimation of RTT which can improve the performance by detecting the packet loss. Delay-based TCP detect network congestion in the early stage and successfully prevent periodic packet loss that usually occurs in loss-based mechanisms. Our proposed work focuses on how to improve the performance of delay-based TCPs with rerouting and proposes a mechanism for delay-based TCP Vegas to detect congestion by measuring RTT and to minimize the packet loss.


Congestion control, rerouting, wired networks, Round Trip Time(RTT).

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