Capturing of HTTP protocol packets in a wireless network

Chetan Soni


The word wide revolution in wireless technology is changing our lives in term of the way we learn and use. Wireless Networks fit into this because the technology has been around long enough and can provide various benefits for development in this area.

The main objective of this paper is to create a fake access point in a wireless network and transfer the fake ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) Packets on the same Wi-Fi Network in which users are connected and the name of fake access point also known as ESSID (Extended Service Set Identification) is same as the name of the wireless network. So when a fake access point is created with same wireless network name then the user gets disconnected to original network and connects with the fake access point, so all the traffic goes through out your network and you can hijack the details, important information, and secret credentials of that user which is connected to your fake access point network.


Wireless Networks, Wireless packet capturing, Sniffing

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