Compact Wideband-Bandpass Filter with Notch using Modified Rectangular Ring Resonator

Ashwani Kumar


This paper presents a new compact wideband -bandpass filter with notch at center frequency 6.3GHz.The filter has been realized by using modified rectangular ring resonator with λg/4 stub. The center frequency is 6.3GHz and passband of the filter from 4.0 GHz to 8.6 GHz. Insertion losses are less than 1.4dB and return losses are 14dB and 29dB in the two passband. Attenuation level of the notch is 20dB at the center frequency. The two passband group delay variation is less than 0.36 nS.The filter could be useful for wide band communication system.


Filter, Bandpass Filter,Wideband,Modified Rectangular Ring Resonator(MR-ring).

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