Antenna miniaturization for wireless application with metamaterial techniques and EBG Ground

ferdows Zarrabi


In this paper is presented , periodic structure implementation in antenna design for  wireless application and these antennas were compared with CRLH miniaturization method  .Here  have  been  presented three different   model of patch antenna with coaxial feed on EBG ground , metamaterial substrate  or   EBG/AMC structure  . Also presented  two  model  antenna with  CRLH techniques for  dual  band  antenna . Here presented  the comparison between  gain , bandwidth and miniaturization factor of  these patch   antennas . All presented  model  antennas  are modified  for  wireless  application at  2.4 GHz . Simulation has  been done  in HFSS  for the full wave  method. The antenna's gain  around -8 to 4.25 dBi and bandwidth  achieved more than 35MHz to 250 MHz  so all these antennas  appropriate for wireless application. 

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