Different Methods of Designing Ultra Wideband Filters in Various Applications A Review

mukesh kumar


This article presents the designing of ultra wideband filters are used in wireless technology systems to transmit data over spectrum of frequency bands for short distance with very low power and high data rates. The six different methods which can be used to design ultra wideband (UWB) filters are (1) Combined High Pass / LowPass Microstripline UWB Filters. (2)Ultra-Wide band Band pass Filter Using Hybrid Microstrip Defected Ground Structures. (3) A Novel Compact Ultra Wideband Bandpass Filter Using Microstrip Stub Loaded Dual Mode Resonator Doublets. (4) Ultra-wide microstrip band pass filter using short circuited stubs. (5) Design Method for Ultra-Wideband Bandpass Filter with wide Stopband Using Parallel-Coupled Microstrip Lines. (6) UWB High-Q Bandpass Filter with Wide Rejection Band using Defected Ground Structures.This paper also discusses about the designing of filters and its various parameters. Various applications of the UWB filters are also being presented. The main objective of the paper is toprovide practicing engineers the information in this field to design UWB filters.


Ultra wideband filter, Dielectric substrate, Coupled micro-strip line, Band pass Filters.

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