Research Paper on Image Intensification using Canny Edge detection technique in MATLAB

Mahak Jain, Niyati Jain, Pankaj Gupta, Deepak Goyal, Monika Goyal


In recent time, there is continuous improvement is being made in both digital image and video processing to better utilize the storage space and in processing of visual information. Generally image is being processed in form of signals. An input is processed in form of an image or video or frame etc and an output appear having various features or parameters. The main goal of enhancing or intensifying image quality is to reduce the image data that is irrelevant to store or convey data in an effective way. From certain last few years, the demand in increasing for such a multimedia product which can enhance fast and requires less bandwidth, storage space, throughput etc. That’s why the image intensification is done using Canny edge Technique so that it can remove unnecessary unwanted sharp noises from image. In proposed work image intensification is being done using canny edge technique in Matlab. The fuzzy logic function is being used to have the desired result. Canny technique uses a set of Mathematical Functions whose task is to predict in the Digital Input i.e.  image or video and detect how the image brightness is varying and find out where there are discontinuities that can be removed from the project. Detecting discontinuities is an important part since Edge detection can only help us in determining the boundaries in the image, where two different surfaces combine etc. Matlab processes and stores the intensity image as a 1-D i.e. unidirectional matrix. The 2-D matrix i.e. two-dimensional matrix can also be used depending upon requirements. The elements in intensity matrix can be many i.e. varying intensity or grey levels etc. 


Canny Algorithm, Edge Detection, Scaling Vector, Fuzzy logic Toolbox, Fuzzy Interface System, grey function

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