Portals for microenterprises in rural area - Two cases

Fredrik Håkansson


Abstract- Research has shown that microenterprises have ability to survive and grow with the support of portals that include eCommerce. However, almost no research has demonstrated how it’s done and what support microenterprises want. Results of our study shows; that the portals have to be improved to support the use of advanced ICT applications, make it usable to use, and give more time for core business for the participating microenterprises. We have seen that portals have to solve problem with the technical solution and the process of payment. The network building activities in the portals do not happen in such extent that we have expected based on previous research. If portals will get businesses to grow in microenterprises, we propose that in addition to providing access to advanced ICT applications need to climbs one step higher in the DTI ladder and create more of eCommerce to increase sales in a greater market. We also propose that portals which support cooperation between microenterprises in rural areas from different branches have the best chances to succeed in the future.

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