Survey on Image intensification using Canny Edge Technique

Mahak Jain, Niyati Jain, Pankaj Gupta, Deepak Goyal, Monika Goyal


Image Processing is generally done in form of Signal Processing. In this images, pictures, video frame etc are given in Input form and the Output appears with certain set of features or parameters in relation to the input given. Edge Detection using Canny Technique is an set of Mathematical Functions whose main goal is to detect points in the Digital input i.e. image and detect how brightness changes variably , and where are discontinuities. Edge detection is an essential stage in processing the image. Mostly image-processing techniques consider the image as a two-dimensional signal then put standard signal-processing techniques to it. Generally it means Digital Image being processed but analog and digital signals can also be processed.


Canny Technique, Edge Detection, Scaling Vector, Fuzzy logic Toolbox

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