Emerging paradigm of E-Services

Pankaj Gupta


The daily growth of the internet has changed the way
of marketing and selling products and services. As a
result of development in electronic information
resources and evolution of “digital age” product sellers
and information service providers face many
challenges. Internet is changing the way the
corporations conduct business with their consumers
who are increasingly expecting higher services,
becoming time saved and wanting more convenience.
The Internet has opened up new opportunities for
companies to market and sell their products online. In
the early days of internet marketing and still some of
the more widely used methods are Pop-ups and
Banners. Earlier research and academic studies have
proven these methods of being perceived as annoying
and more or less disregarded. With this in mind,
marketers have been searching to find new and
alternative ways of marketing, in addition to the
traditional methods. E-Service quality is an essential
strategy to gain success, probably more important for
online companies. Internet as a communication channel
manages service quality in online marketing, which
holds a significant importance for customer
satisfaction. In this paper, we explore several
alternatives and services comprehensible for all users
and to extent to which feature and functions are
necessary for meeting the needs of user.


E-Services, Globalization, E-Commerce

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