A Novel based Approach to Efficiently Locate the Semantic Path in Large-Scale Systems

Pradeep Kamboj, Shailender Kumar


As the  large volumes of Semantic Web data is at our disposal, it initiates the task of discovering large amount of knowledge, one of the potential is discovery of semantic relation which fundamentally changes the way we gather and use knowledge.  Due to the distributed  nature  of  Semantic  Web development,  semantic  data  tend  to  be  created  and  stored  viably  in  different organizations, the full demonstration of the Semantic Web data faces tremendous challenges such as usability, scalability, and heterogeneity. This paper proposes an adequate strategy to discover semantic relationships over large-scale distributed systems such as peer-to-peer and grid network, which permit users to share their local knowledge to collectively initiate new discoveries.


distributed system, knowledge, relation discovery, Semantic Web, Ontology

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