An Efficient Indexing Technique Used In Data Warehouse

Sankalap Arora, Kirandeep Singh


The data warehouse that houses a traditional data is designed to manage transactional data that is highly dominated by numerical information. When textual, non transactional information is encountered, the classical data warehouse technology of today is simply at a loss to handle non-numerical information. The information going into the data warehouse is written by different levels of people and in almost every case, the result (in terms of information) of the encounter between two different persons is verbiage - text i.e. what is needed is a "textual", non transaction oriented data warehouse. Complex query types, huge data volumes, and very high read/update ratios make the indexing techniques designed and tuned for traditional database systems unsuitable for data warehouses. In Data warehouse flexible and efficient querying of relevant information about performance, scope, effectiveness, and measurements of text can be retrieved by choosing appropriate indexing techniques.. The aim of this paper is to propose an indexing technique based on time complexity and index space complexity for textual data warehouse. The performance evaluation of three data warehouse queries is focused in this paper by comparing techniques used mostly with FULL TEXT indexing technique and to observe the results of variable size datasets with respect to time and space complexity.

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