Data Compression Algorithms: Enhanced J-Bit Encoding Approach

Mahtab Alam


Abstract- The business of any organization depends on the data they have stored and fetch in quick span of time to take decision in recent competitive era. Data compression is a skill of sinking the number of bits needed to store or transmit data. The objective of this paper is to sink the size of statistics through compression techniques using different algorithms. In this paper a new compression algorithm based on J-bit encoding techniques has been proposed. This algorithm based on designing, optimizing and splitting the input data by dividing into two parts 1 for “true” and 0 for “false”.  Data warehouse has large volume of storage capacity that can be used by J-bit encoding for largest data bits. It is tough to reduce the size of database and minimize the retrieval time. This proposed algorithm of data compression is named as Enhanced J-Bit Encoding (EJBE). It is conducive for enumerated data that provides the output of any format of data.


Enhanced J-Bit Encoding Algorithm, Data Compression, Zero Run Length Coding.

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