Integrated Risk Management Practices

P B Arya


Various practices in the field of integrated risk management which is aimed at mitigating the effect of various risks exposure of the company and thus improving short term and long term value for stakeholders is focal point of this paper. Various organized interventions in the field of risk management have been mentioned in the paper which elaborates the importance and utility of risk management systems and models. Various ERM frameworks like COSO Integrated risk management model for enterprise risk management as well as Basel II framework of BIS for the regulation of risk are discussed. The role of CRO (Chief Risk Officer) has become more crucial in the present times which are posing greater levels of risks and challenges to the enterprises, especially in the systemic risk failure situations which have catastrophic effect. Various challenges are faced in the implementation as well as sustenance of the integrated risk management. The paper has made an attempt to identify various missing links as well as black holes in the risk management process and models which have an adverse effect on the their functionality and success.

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