A fresh loom for Multilevel feedback Queue scheduling Algorithm

Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Anurag Upadhyay


CPU scheduling is a vital phenomenon of operating system. At present, numerous CPU scheduling algorithms are existing like FCFS(First come first serve), SJF (shortest job first),SRTF( Shortest remaining time first) , Priority Scheduling,(RR)Round Robin scheduling , MLQ( multilevel queue). Efficiency and performance are not remaining satisfactory of these algorithms. MLFQ( Multilevel feedback queue) be one of most potential strategies, for CPU scheduling .It  is further extension of multi-level queue scheduling algorithm while multilevel queue scheduling is results of combination of basic scheduling algorithms such as FCFS and RR scheduling algorithm. Therefore, research on these algorithms remains continuing till today. This paper, suggested a novel approach which will improve the performance of MLFQ (CPU) scheduling algorithm.


CPU Scheduling, RR scheduling, Multi Level Feedback Queue Scheduling

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