Comparison of Seismic Performance of Solid and Hollow Reinforced Concrete members in RCC framed Building using ETABS Software



Hollow (Box-type) reinforced concrete beams and columns help in decreasing superstructure weight and hence seismic mass is minimized as compared to conventional solid reinforced concrete beams and columns.  ETABS is commonly used to analyses: Skyscrapers, parking garages, steel & concrete structures, low and high rise buildings, and portal frame structures. The case study in this paper mainly emphasizes on structural behavior of R.C.C. framed building having hollow and solid reinforced concrete members. Modelling of 3-storey R.C.C. framed building is done on the ETABS software for analysis. Post analysis of the structure, maximum shear forces, bending moments, and maximum storey displacement are computed and then compared for all the analyzed cases. The results indicated that the drop in storey shear, overturning moment etc. in case of hollow members as compared to solid members in R.C.C. framed building.


Structural behaviour; Hollow (Box-type) reinforced concrete member; ETABS; Storey shear; Storey overturning moment

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