A Compact Spade-Shaped Ultra-Wideband Planar Monopole Patch Antenna for Wireless Communication Systems

Abhishek Karwa, Ashish Mathur


In recent years many studies are concentrated on UWB microstrip antenna structures for important purposes in wireless communication systems, medical imaging, and radar sensor resolution. In this paper, we printed a spade-shaped radiator patch on nearly rectangular substrate of (34 x 30mm) made of ArlonCuClad 250GT material. The relative dielectric constant was 2.55, and the thickness of the material was 0.8 mm. The patch was fed by a transmission line feeder, and there was a gap between the patch and the ground plane. Antenna design is simulated on electromagnetic (EM) simulation software , and anechoic chamber with a network analyzer was used during the experimental tests. The simulated results demonstrated that the proposed antenna achieved a wide impedance bandwidth from 2 GHz to 12 GHz with a return loss of less than -10 dB. The proposed antenna is easy to integrate with microwave circuitry for low manufacturing cost. The antenna structure is flat, and its design is simple and straightforward. 


Patch antenna; partial ground plane;UWB antenna

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