Design of Dual Band Patch Antenna by Loading Metamaterial Structure on Rectangular Patch

Rajesh Saha


It was shown in literature, dual band patch antenna can be achieved by using more than one layer or more than one patch and they involve more complex feeding technique like L-probe fed, M-probe fed, coax-fed stacked patches or aperture coupled patch. In this paper, dual band patch antenna was designed by loading a U-slot metamaterial structure on the rectangular patch. When one additional U-slot was introduced then antenna covers another two bands that are different from antenna loaded with one U-slot. Finally, for antenna loaded with two additional U-slots, a dual band operation results that are different from antenna loaded with one-slot or two U-slots. The dual band operation has been achieved by using single layer- single patch loaded with U-slot metamaterial complementary split ring resonators (CSRR) structures and simple microstrip feeding technique was used.


Dual Band, Patch Antennas, Metamaterial

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