Attacks Finding and Prevention Techniques in MANET: A Survey

Bijender Bansal, Pankaj Gupta, Neelam Sharma


A Mobile Ad hoc Network (MANET) is a set of distributed sensor nodes . The nodes are connected in a self- configurable network in which they can add and join the network any time. Due to this kind of nature MANET is a collection of mobile nodes which is dynamically moves from one point to another. Due to this type of nature MANET is a weak network which suffers various kinds of attacks. There are many attacks in wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks which disturb the network. MANETs suffers from attacks like packet dropping attack, Black Hole attack, Worm hole attack, denial of service attack etc. A Malicious node may or may not involve in route discovery mechanism with an intension to corrupt the overall network performance.   These malicious nodes have serious impact on routing and delivery ratio of packets. Many researchers have discovered many types of techniques to propose different detection and prevention methods. In this paper a survey on different kinds of attacks and detection and prevention methods is presented.


Mobile Ad hoc Network, MANET, Security, Black hole attack, Gray hole attack, Worm hole attack, Byzantine attack, Jellyfish attack, Routing Protocol

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