Efficient Packet Forwarding using Public Vehicle in Modified GPSR

Sandeep Tayal, M.R. Tripathy, Y. S. Shishodia


Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET) is network between vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to roadside infrastructure. Rapid response with strict timing limitations and perfect packet delivery system is very necessary for protocol. Non-DTN, DTN and hybrid Protocols minimizes average end-to-end delays and routing overheads but they behave differently in different situations. By using different transmission range in proposed protocol GPSRM for public and private vehicles,packet is delivered to greater distance effectively andby comparing the result on three scenarios with GPRS. End to end delay is better in all the three cases in GPSRM.Routing overhead is almost similar in both the case of GPSRM and GPSR.Packet delivery ratio and loss ratio in three scenarios are slightly better in theĀ  existing protocol as compared to modified GPSRM.

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